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released: 29th May 2019

electric guitar: Nacho Castillo
recorded march 8th
in Buenos Aires, Argentina by Nacho Castillo

1. Favourite Guitar 30:00

released: 28th March 2019

ilia belorukov – fluteophone, objects
héctor rey – bass concertina, objects

recorded in bilbao in july 2017
recorded, mixed and mastered by ilia belorukov
cover by MKLMB
thanks to miguel and elena, anya, MKLMB

1. hola kyngy 09:10
2. hassu lauri 06:00
3. sup bilb 12:50
4. haha? jon 06:00

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released: 26th June 2018

This piece explores the dimensions of liminality, or a passing through the threshold between distinct phases, afforded through the use of electromagnets. Binary signals are used to rapidly pulse the magnets on and off, resulting in an analog field. The presentation of various materials to this field produces a wide range of sonic output. Proximity to steel instruments yields acoustic excitation; proximity to dynamic microphones and radios yields audible interference patterns. Throughout this piece, a pre-composed sequence of pulses was presented through the magnets, creating a dynamic, yet pre-determined electromagnetic field. The performers were free to interact with this field in an improvisatory manner, adjusting parameters of input sources and modifying their proximity to the electromagnets. Several recordings of improvised sessions were then woven together, with the resulting piece existing in the liminal spaces between digital/analog synthesis, improvisation/composition, and real-time/offline production.

Composed and performed by Eric Miller and Patrick Quinn
Mixed and mastered by Eric Miller
Cover photo by Patrick Quinn

1. Limen 37:16

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released: 16th October 2017

File typology on a half-failure improvisation event: A collection of sounds edited afterwards

retsh1.ophdtrg0k9near8cg.jpg: Matías Coduri

Mastered by M. Earnshaw

1. FMDB Nantwich Secret Nuclear Bunker 28:47

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released: 16th June 2017

Recorded between May 24, 2017 and June 4, 2017 in Buffalo, NY with the windows open.

This album is meant to be played on repeat.

justincreatessounds.com justinvonstrasburg.com

1. (02:19) 02:19
2. (05:01) 05:01
3. (01:50) 01:50
4 (07:23) 07:23
5. (03:12) 03:12

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released: 28th April 2017

con aleaciones de cinco, siete y hasta nueve metales, siguiendo la tradición alquímica de los siete planetas: oro, plata, mercurio, cobre, hierro, estaño y plomo

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released: 14th March 2017

The four pieces each began life as equal sized squares of colour, either multi-colour gradients or single colour blocks as described in the file names. The processes used to transform these underlying materials range from the more directly physical (in the first piece) through to the purely digital (by the last piece) and there's a corresponding dissipation of gestural, physical energy as you listen through, I would say. Because I shaped them across both visual and audio dimensions simultaneously and giving equal weight to both aspects, the visual and sonic readings of the pieces are of equal importance to me (as indeed, in the computer's eye, they are one and the same).

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Multi-band Gradient  ·  Radial  ·  One-Tone, Two-Tone  ·  Colourfield

released: 6th December 2016


1. untitled 1 20:03
2. untitled 2 20:03

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released: 9th November 2016

There was once a band that on Friday was to play a concert the band was the rolling stones,they were two, one playing the violin the other the trumpet They played a song called "Windlass of Love" and it sound like this ...
anonymous student

1. I (memoria divida) 17:13
2. mensaje a 01:46
3. II (shadowing) 07:56
4. mensaje b 02:21

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released: 28th September 2016

1. real note -- July 7 [2012]- s newness. the occasional pizzicato __ july 9 - backtrack 25:22

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released: 24th August 2016

just as little is seen in pure light as in pure darkness

1. Hereby Dissolved 8:31
2. Mental 8:48
3. Esta Lit 11:10
4. Collapse Inward 12:32

Mastered by Joe Panzner

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released: 8th August 2016

sacrifice is nothing other than the production of sacred things

operación de pérdida 59:03

released: 18th July 2016

July 28, 2012, Zürich, Rote Fabrik, "Interventions 2012" (organized by Christian Hänggi)

2012³ actualized by Manfred Werder (Curated & recorded by: Isaac Linder)

1. 2012³ (actualized by Manfred Werder) 25:08
2. Data (remixed by Isaac Linder) 25:08
3. Inexistent Volume (Manfred Werder & Isaac Linder) 20:47

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released: 11th July 2016

1. sounds like russian voice traffic 20:18
2. J94UK weak voices in the background 8:00
3. If you click on Stereo Mix to highlight it, then select properties, does it show as being enabled? 6:39

Artwork by Santiago Miranda Nam
Mastered by M. Earnshaw

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released: 28th June 2016

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released: 21st June 2016

In the tea-room, the fear of repetition is a constant presence. The various objects for the decoration of a room should be so selected that no colour or design shall be repeated. If you have a living flower, a painting of flowers is not allowable. If you are using a round kettle, the water pitcher should be angular.

1. dentro 10:31
2. fuera 11:50

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released: 4th May 2016

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Recordings from Oct. 2015 Feb. 2016
1. Anticipation 1 02:16
2. What's Left Down The Street 01:33
3. Anticipation 2 07:38
4. Week 2 03:11
5. 6:11PM - 3:46AM 01:09
6. CSL Machines 10:22
7. SR014MS 08:52

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released: 21st April 2016

all sound material recorded/manipulated in Kaunas (Lithuania).

1. CtO 1:30:03

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released: 27th March 2016

matías coduri 2015 a 29:59
matías coduri 2015 b 29:59

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released: 27th October 2015

every idea, extended into infinity, becomes its own opposite

1. c 8:32
2. e 8:22
3. f 10:57
4. d 5:54
5. b 11:34

Mastered by A.F. Jones

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released: 30th September 2015

1. Lazare 19:37
2. To Hold Firm 2:48
3. Evergreen Plots 4:23
4. Kilgore on the Nightstand 15:29
5. Quilts and Diesel 0:40
6. Crabtree Falls 4:30

mastered by Taku Unami

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released: 4th April 2015

field recordings, london, march 2015. thanks: joshua & elle
1. Intersecting Temporalities 43:00

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released: 27th March 2015

We don t know what the unconscious is, but every so often something wells up in us. It sounds pompous nowadays to talk about the unconscious, so maybe it s better to say chance. I believe in a deeply ordered chaos and in the rules of chance.
1. Untitled 1 5:26
2. Untitled 2 5:07
3. Untitled 3 8:51
4. Untitled 4 4:25
5. Untitled 5 6:38
6. Untitled 6 12:00
7. Untitled 7 6:44
8. Untitled 8 7:17

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released: 22nd March 2015

if i was an imitation, a perfect imitation, how would you know if it was really me?

1. Untitled 1 2:36
2. Untitled 2 6:08
3. Untitled 3 3:23
4. Untitled 4 3:45
5. Untitled 5 1:53
6. Untitled 6 0:48

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released: 17th March 2015

composition: stefan thut (2008)

actualization by joshua adam acosta & matt earnshaw (march 2015)

playback suggestion: diffuse into a room with window ajar

our thanks to stefan.

1. zwei 1-20 1:00:00

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released: 11th March 2015

new work from Joe Wheeler

1. 02042015 6:43
2. 02222015 12:55
3. 02242015 18:08
4. 03042015 8:46

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released: 7th March 2015

1. An Uncomfortable Mind 17:52

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released: 26th February 2015

any recording is not simply a representation of musical content or immediate context but always potentially evidence of relating anew to place and time. A repeated playing is always exposed to time, and thus always offers such evidence.

1. Fragments of Form 5:27
2. Possible World 5:25
3. Seen as Static, Seen as Moving 8:59
4. Found Functions 7:45
5. Fields at Sea 10:01

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released: 24th February 2015

The virtuoso listener can hear music in any moment.

1. Space 17:32
2. 11 9:55
3. 12 8:20
4. While We Wait 3:24
5. Intermission 5:29
6. Enter 6:08
7. Exit 71 18:16

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